At Depot Day 2023, we opened the 1973/2023 Sesquicentennial Time Capsule that had been buried in the South Lyon Historic Village for 50 years! (Narrative and pictures of that event can be viewed on the 2023 Depot Day page.)

On December 17, 2023, the new 2023/2073 Bicentennial Time Capsules (yes, there are two) were buried. Many thanks to SLAHS member Larry Ledbetter for spearheading the new time capsule project. 

The 1973/2023 Sesquicentennial Time Capsule was basically a small concrete vault that was buried a few feet underground and had to be excavated with a backhoe. Unfortunately, water had seeped into the vault over the 50 years and some of the contents were in poor condition. The new 2023/2073 Bicentennial Time Capsules are made of PVC pipe and capped at both ends with PVC (waterproof glued into place). Moisture should not be a problem! They were buried end-over-end (i.e vertically), side by side, using a gas powered auger. They will be dug up during the city's bicentennial celebration in 2073. Hopefully some of our current young family members in South Lyon will be present at the next time capsule reveal!

Many thanks go out to the following individuals who assisted with this project: Larry Ledbetter, Steve Felt, Phil Weipert, Jeff Heinanen, Sandy McNeese, and all those who donated items for the time capsules.

Here is a list of the contents of the two Bicentennial 2023/2073 Time Capsules:

Larry Ledbetter ready to pack the first time capsule

Phil Weipert & Jeff Heinanen ready to work

Some of the donated items for the time capsules